Some notes from Jeff Wagners illume seminar on some of the additions in Houdini 17.


  • preferences

    • general user interface:
    • playbar UI
    • global UI size
  • animation

    • animarion editoer and FX viewer:

      • underline in the parameter editor
      • use channel color


set keyframes

  • k to key.

  • RMB click -> channels -> remove from channel list will make the channel not recieve keyframes when k is pressed.

  • you can RMB click on the folder tabs of a node to copy the keys or values and paste to another node.


  • start orientation picking:
    • shift + ;
      this will allow you to snap and align your transforms to verts, center of a prim or an edge.
  • pivot mode:
    • shift + “
      this will allow you to move the pivot, while we are in the pivot mode we can use the orientation picking to snap the pivot.