Substance Painter - intro
Learning Substance Painter
Marvelous Designer - intro
Trying out Marvelous Designer
Houdini - UV
Houdini UV related info
Houdini - Compositing
Notes on compositing in Houdini (COPS)
Houdini - TOPS intro
Notes on Task Operators (TOPS)
Houdini Python notes
Houdini Python notes and snippets
Houdini - intro to HDA
Notes on creating an HDA
Davinci Resolve - intro to python
Python in DaVinci Resolve
DaVinci Resolve - Fusion
Learning Fusion
DaVinci Resolve - Edit
Editing in DaVinci Resolve
A collection of random notes while learning Hugo
Houdini 17 - Pyro
Some notes on pyro in Houdini 17